A Guide to our range of Mini Kegs

Mini kegs have become a popular way to enjoy draught beer or cider from the comfort of your own home. With so many available on the market, it can be difficult choosing which one is right for you.

5 Litre Black Universal Mini Kegs

Our range of black mini kegs can be enjoyed in various ways. They must be chilled before use as this can affect how they pour. If your mini keg is not at the right temperature, it can cause the beer to foam.

How to enjoy:

  1. From the keg itself – there are no accessories required to dispense the keg. Simply follow the instructions on the keg, pull out the tap and pour. When you come to the bottom of the keg, you may have to tilt it to get the last remaining pint out
  2.  Using a Party Star Deluxe Tap – these taps contain a CO2 gas bulb and fix to the top of your mini keg. They inject gas into the beer which gives more life to the beer and also helps dispense the beer from the keg. They also allow you to control the speed of your beer when pouring. The party star deluxe taps can be re-used time and time again by simply changing the gas bulb cartridge per keg
  3. Beer Dispense Machines – these kegs are suitable for use in some beer dispense machines such as Ice Master, Beer Monster, Klarstein Skal, Royal Catering and Electric Beer Dispenser from Studio to name a few. In order to use within these machines, you will be required to remove the bung from the top of the keg which can be quite tricky, therefore we include a step by step guide on removing the bung with every order. If you are unsure whether these kegs will be compatible with your beer machine, please contact us.

For best results, use clean, nucleated glassware which will help with head retention as non-nucleated glassware or dirty glassware can cause your beer to go flat quickly.

CO2 Mini Kegs

Our CO2 mini kegs have a built in CO2 gas bulb in their lid which when activated injects life into the beer and also helps you get every last drop out of your keg. Ensure the keg is chilled before using and if it has been laying on it’s side in your fridge, allow it to stand upright for a few minutes to settle before pouring.

How to enjoy:

  1. These kegs are designed to be drank from the keg only therefore no accessories are required. Simply follow the instructions on the side of the keg to activate the CO2 gas (you will know it has activated correctly when you hear a small hissing sound) and then pull out the tap to pour.

These mini kegs can not be used within any beer dispense machine. For best results, use clean, nucleated glasses.

Talos Mini Kegs

These are very new to the market. They are a one-way mini keg which means once broached, the beer can not escape or leak out as they have a non-return valve which stops this. This also means that you can put your kegs in the fridge in between pours to keep it chilled.

How to enjoy:

  1. Using a talos top pump – these top pumps work with both the 3 litre and 5 litre mini kegs. Remove the cap from the mini keg and place the pump on the top. To dispense, simply press the pump in a downwards motion and the beer will be pushed from the keg, out through the tap and into your glass.
  2. Using a dedicated talos base unit – the base unit is a great cost – effective dispense unit consisting of a tap and a pump. The keg slots into the base unit and is ready to pour. When you are getting to the bottom of your keg, you can use the pump on the unit to help push the beer out of the keg. Again, this unit is suitable for both 3 litre and 5 litre mini kegs. They are a great item for small gatherings, events and even in a pub commercial setting. If you would like to see how they work check out the Youtube Tutorial Review

Unike other mini kegs, the talos kegs can be placed in your fridge for use at a later date. They help keep the beer fresh, however we would still suggest consuming within 7 – 10 days for best results.

Beer machines for the talos kegs will be coming soon to the UK market.

We have a range of different beers and ciders available for all our mini kegs.